Menara Prima Level 5, South Jakarta


Ingeomart provides high-quality agriculture products. All of the agriculture products in Ingeomart directly taken from farmers who have partnered from the original products areas. All of the products in Ingeomart have Geographical Indication certification from DJKI. Ingeomart is a solution for an agricultural product that has high quality because Ingeomart serves product Geographical Indications certificate.


Quality of Products

Ingeomart partners directly with farmers who have a certificate of geographical indication. So that Ingeomart guarantees product quality because the yields are monitored and controlled directly.

Products by the geographical origin

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod temporAll Ingeomart products are grown and harvested in areas that have registered with Geographical Indication.

High reputation and value

Geographically approved products have a recognized value to get a label that indicates geography. Products that have a geographical indication certificate are characterized by yields that differ in the quality of yields in areas not accepted by geographical indications.

Affordable Prices

Ingeomart provides quality products at affordable prices. Even with affordable prices, Ingeomart guarantees the quality and characteristics of the product. Products with Geographical Indication certificate have high quality, becoming a standard for Ingeomart.