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About Ingeomart


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Ingeomart is a provider company various types of Indonesia agriculture result that has Geographical Indication certification. Ingeomart has also partnered with Indonesia farmers for marketing agriculture produce. Ingeomart only marketing agriculture produce that high quality and certified Geographical Indication from Direktorat Jenderal Kekayaan Intelektual (DJKI). Ingeomart is willing to be the solution for the quest for agricultural products that are certified by Geographical Indications. Products that have been registered with Geographical Indications are guaranteed protection and have high-quality products.

The products contained in Ingeomart are guaranteed products originating from geographical origin areas, sourced from the yields of farmers from the origin areas of the product so that the quality of the product is supported. Farmers have partnered directly with Ingeomart to provide quality-guaranteed products because they have been monitored directly by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI). Farmers will continue to provide products that engage the standards set for Geographical Indications certificate. Ingeomart is willing to participate in accommodating the demands of agricultural products.


Protect, promote and increase sales value Indonesia agriculture produce that has been certified Geographical Indication.


  • Ingeomart want to lift and welfare of farmers in Indonesia
  • Increase sales value Indonesia agriculture in domestically and aboard
  • Sell and inform Indonesia agriculture produce results that high quality overseas.